Marine Service

Marine Service

N1 specializes in providing high quality fuel, lubricants, and operational products to vessels of all sizes: cruise ships, trawlers, boats, and all kind of vessels sailing in Icelandic waters.

N1 is the sole distributor of ExxonMobil and Q8 lubricants in Iceland.

N1 is running a large distributing network in most harbors around Iceland.  We offer barge, tank , truck and ex-pipe delivery in the Reykjavík area as well as tank truck delivery throughout the coastline.

Available Exxon Mobil marine products at N1 hf. (.pdf)

We deliver 24/7 - 365 days a year.

  • We offer professional service to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • We offer fuel from truck and pipe deliveries in most harbors.
  • We supply products such as oils, clothing, cleaning products, PPE, goods for the fishing industry and many other products from stock.
  • We maintain a large network of barge storages and land oil terminals covering most harbors all around Iceland.

General terms of Sales and Delivery of Marine Oil Products


Quality, expertise and reliability

At N1 we focus on product quality assurance and reliability and aim to be the best available marine fuel solutions.

We offer a range of quality products including Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and IFO. Our people provide start-to-finish expertise and customer service that guaranty fast results and reliability.

Key Harbours