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Refreshments on the go

Grab a quick bite on your trip around Iceland.

N1 Prepaid card

Quick and easy way to fill up your tank or shop at one of our locations.

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Traditional Icelandic meatsoup

This is traditional Icelandic Meat Soup, made with lamb and vegetables – a life saver when food was scarce and energy was needed to battle the elements.. The soup is conventionally made with potatoes, rutabagas and carrots. It can also contain leeks, onions, and dried icelandic herbs. Enjoy our delicious meatsoup after driving around Iceland.

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Business Services

Corporate services provide professional advice for corporate customers, such as contractors, ship and aircraft operators as well as industrial and agricultural producers.

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Personal service

Our staff will provide you with quality service while you are enjoying your visit to Iceland.

Engine oil

Find Mobil engine oil for your car.



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Dispose for Travel WC

We provide 3 locations on the highway around Iceland.

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Gas containers

We provide variety of gas containers.

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